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Fidus Global-Supply Chain Pontem Platform

Agility and Insights to Achieve Optimal Efficiencies in Warehouse Operations

Fidus globalInability to connect critical warehouse systems prevents warehouses from realizing the full benefit of automation. Automation done improperly can cost your business. The Pontem platform is an Open-Architecture Warehouse Control System (WCS) platform which enables ease of integration to Material Handling Equipment (MHE) hardware and software. The Pontem solution is not only hardware agnostic, but software agnostic as well. The Pontem solution provides connectors in order to easily connect to various hardware applications such as Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) and Industrial PCs (IPC), Robot Controllers as well as Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) or Warehouse Execution Systems (WES). This enables users of Pontem to be decoupled from any one solution provider, which enables far more flexibility and reliability of such applications.

Being enslaved by black box 3rd party systems blocks full control of warehouse operations driving up costs while inhibiting efficiency. This is a fundamental shortcoming of the vendor. Although Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) and Systems Integrators (SI’s) may utilize open architecture in their solutions such as in the case of PLCs, that technology is often in a black box middleware offering which subjugates the end user to either the OEM’s or SI’s to make changes. This makes it difficult for warehouse operations to independently respond quickly to line changes while minimizing downtime of operations. Moreover, many integrators/OEM vendors are merely selling dependency along with their offerings which may provide initial benefit that quickly degrades in value overtime. Being locked into 3rd party solutions are proving to be too time consuming and expensive. By the time the extreme long-term cost of ownership is recognized, it will be too late if even considered at all.

Key Benefits by Stakeholder

Key benefitsWarehouse Operators - With Fidus Global Pontems’ open architecture designs, the warehouse operators have the ability to own their continuous improvement journey by either being able to utilize internal resources or at the very least garner support from multiple vendors which should lead to better overall support and performance of their supply chain network.

System Integrators - Pontem provides a platform that enables integrators the ability to work more efficiently serve its customers enabling them to its services. As such, Pontem enables integrators with the ability to tackle more complex problems more simply without the need to invest in software development allowing them to focus on providing exceptional warehouse operation services.

OEM - Hardware providers, especially custom automation hardware suppliers, do not always have the software needed to properly integrate into an automation software stack such as a WMS. Pontem allows for ease of integration even into the most complex or in many cases outdated WMS platforms, which enables a higher ROI of their specific application.

Pontem is the foundation on which to build your supply chain automation

Looking for a flexible solution? Using Pontem as the foundation to power your supply chain automation needs enables the ability to easily make changes and provides the latitude to explore other options. Making it possible to pilot alternatives eases the introduction/adoption of new innovations so that you organization can better respond to the ever-changing demands of the industry. Pontem brings you the freedom to adopt new innovations is vital to driving efficiency.

Break free from traditional static non-adaptive frameworks

Traditional offerings use proprietary software to control an array of open architecture products. This means that the designs offered are essentially static. In addition, these designs have limited customizations options. Any change must go through the original vendor and the ability to switch is almost impossible, if not costly (in both time and money). Furthermore, reliance on the vendors bandwidth and schedule is unavoidable. The old adage of “1 throat to choke”; fundamentally leads to the reality of another cliché of “Putting all your eggs in one basket”. This also impedes greatly the ability of the warehouse operators to leverage their own resources to solve problems.

Pontem connects your warehouse ecosystem with openness

Leveraging open-source solutions, Pontem enables its customers to leverage the advances in IOT as well as Rest API’s in order to seamlessly integrate new ideas/offerings into their supply chain environment.