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ConveyorWarehouse operators are striving for efficiencies to increase their unit throughput so that they can reduce errors and the time to get packages to their consumers. And, they want to do this in a way that pays attention to economic efficiencies.

Fidus Global understands the key metrics that help gauge whether your warehouse operations are on par with best-in-class industry standards.

While you assess whether you’d like to work with us, we can quantify the value that we provide to your bottom line. We believe that it is essential to understand financial impact that you expect from your automation project, not only from the initial business case but also what this may look like overtime. In this way, we can manage predictability of spend that is both reasonable and fair.

Fidus Global has the greatest impact on operational costs and on revenue:

Operational Costs

  • Labor cost reduction
  • Error reduction
  • Reduction of downtime
  • Improved unit output
  • Reducing costs of change orders
  • Minimizing lead time impacts

Revenue Impacts

  • Gross margin increase due to increase speed of fulfilment
  • Gross margin increase resulting from reduced downtime
  • Gross margin increase resulting from reduced lead time impact

With Fidus Global, we increase your warehouse per unit ouput.